FAQ's for Professional Land-Use Executives

 Become a better leader, make better decisions and achieve better results

What types of people does the group include?

The group benefits enormously by having as diverse a range of individuals as possible working within the land-Use sector (e.g. ecology; landscape architecture; arboriculture; agriculture; forestry; fisheries). We welcome freelancers, owners or directors of small, medium and large companies, principal consultants looking to make a move into management or seeking a new venture. You could be right at the beginning of your journey and have not even formally set up, or you may have only just started trading or you may have been in business for over 20 years. What is important is that you want to become a better leader, make better decisions and achieve better results.
 Why 8-10 individuals?

The ideal group size will be 8 individuals, but sometimes there may be an exceptional couple of applicants that would add real value to the group dynamics. However, we recognise that there should be a cut-off point and that will be 10. The group sessions do not work well where there are fewer than 6 people. Please do try to attend where you can. If the group size falls below 6, we may decide to cancel and provide refunds where possible.

 What sort of topics will we be discussing?

From experience and feedback by fellow peers, some common issues seem to crop up all the time. Digital marketing. Recruitment and Staff Management. Health and Safety. Accountancy, Cash Flow and Budgeting. Business Finance and Support. Effective Working Systems. These issues will feature as core items, but it's your group. If there is a more demanding and pressing issue than one of the initial core features, then we will explore incorporating this into our monthly meetings.

 Why does the group only meet between October and April?

As we all can recognise, the main ecological survey season is between May and September and it’s more likely that some of you will be deeply engrossed in active management during that period. The group benefits from active participation from all members, so to ensure we have as many people discussing issues we currently restrict meetings to the less busy months of the year. However, if 1-2-1 coaching is something you are after, then we can discuss your specific needs.

What time do you meet?
We find that meeting over lunch works really well. Our venue is super friendly, with access to parking, food and drink (and shops if you arrive early or want to stick around after the event). As time is precious we start promptly at 11.00am, so please do arrive early, grab yourself a drink and relax! We also end swiftly at 3.00pm, giving you four hours of unenviable support.

I do not live anywhere near Bristol or Reading but would really benefit from this sort of support. Will EcoExec be expanding?
We hope to offer this much needed support to others in the near future (possibly Autumn 2020), so please register an interest and we will be in touch. The greater the need in a particular area then the more likely we will set something up for you.

Do I need to prepare for the meetings?
Each month you will prepare and should aim to submit, a minimum of 5 working days before each meeting, a 1-2 page summary (Action Plan) of how the previous month went. The exact format will be outlined at your first meeting but will include a brief summary of your successes and frustrations. As business leaders, we know that some of our work may go beyond the office door and affect our personal lives. We also aim to support each other, once more in strict privacy and always remaining 100% confidential.

 I don’t want to discuss my business plan with a competitor. How is this addressed?

Members can choose how much or how little information they give to the group on their business activities, but we do promote healthy discussion on many common issues such as business planning, digital marketing, cash flow management and budgeting. You will never be asked to divulge your full business plan to the group, but you may wish to inform us all on any issues you would like support for.

 What would happen if a member of the group divulges sensitive commercial information given in trust?

An essential element for application to join our group is assurance of 100% confidentiality and trust. You are expected to respect each other’s business strategies and opinions and not divulge such information to people outside of the group, particularly for your own commercial gain. If any member is identified as breaching this confidentiality trust, then they may be asked to leave unless they provide suitable reassurances. We may also use the group to resolve any related issues and make a final decision.
 Who leads the meetings?
The meetings are chaired by Richard Dodd (Managing Director at Wildwood Ecology Ltd.). Richard has worked as a professional ecologist since 2000 within the public, voluntary and now private sector. He was appointed Director with Wildwood Ecology in 2010 and has grown and shaped the business and its people. As a business owner he is acutely aware of the challenges that many of us all face daily and has sought help from some strategic business partners - some of which you will be introduced to during the monthly sessions. Contact Richard directly (email or phone) if you want to know more about what you can expect and how to apply.

Have we missed anything?
If you have a burning question before committing to the group, then please do ask. If one or more people are thinking it, then we will update this page!