About EcoExec

EcoExec is a confidential advisory group for leaders, managers and those seeking promotion to management positions working in the professional land-use sector. Ecology. Landscape Architecture. Arboriculture. Agriculture. Forestry. Fisheries. We give you access to an impartial sounding board and forum, relevant subject matter, expert speaker workshops and a supportive environment, to make you a better leader and enable your business to grow.

The group comprises of 10-12 individuals from a range of different size consultancies including sole traders and business managers or owners of small, medium and larger practices. Or senior members of staff looking to gain a better understanding of managing and growing a business.

EcoExec Members are carefully selected from those currently working in the professional land-use sector. They provide a breadth of experience and knowledge, can provide constructive or supportive comments and are themselves receptive to being challenged.

Topics covered in depth each month to include digital marketing, business planning, staff recruitment and management, business management solutions for the modern office, maximising cash flow in a seasonal industry and stress management. This is your group, so if another topic warrants discussion then we shall work to include it in a further session.

We meet once a month (6.30pm - 9.30pm) as a private advisory group. Problem-solving common business and sector specific challenges and opportunities in an honest, non-competitive and 100% confidential environment.

Availability and Prices

The next available EcoExec group meeting will commence in March 2019 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
Meetings commence promptly at 6.30pm with dinner served around 7.00pm. Sessions finish at 9.30pm.

The cost for individual membership is only £120.00 plus VAT, per month.  
Commit to attending all three months (March through to May 2019) and pay just £270.00 plus VAT. 

Cost includes a two-course dinner, refreshments and access to members only resources. 

“Let us all choose to be the leaders we wish we had.”

Simon Sinek